The evening hangs beneath the moon
A silver thread on darkened dune
With closing eyes and resting head
I know that sleep is coming soon

Upon my pillow, safe in bed
A thousand pictures fill my head
I cannot sleep, my mind’s a-flight
And yet my limbs seem made of lead

If there are noises in the night
A frightening shadow, flickering light
Then I surrender unto sleep
Where clouds of dream give second sight

What dreams may come, both dark and deep
Of flying wings and soaring leap
As I surrender unto sleep,
As I surrender unto sleep.

This poem was written specifically for Eric Whitacre’s song “Sleep.” Beautiful…

The choral work itself is of course beautifully done, but what impresses me even more was that the score was originally set to Robert Frost’s Poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snow Evening.” When there was a legal dispute as to the use of the Frost’s Poem, Silvestri was approached to write a poem that would fit the score. This is the result.

The fit of the poetry with the score is amazing. Please check out more of Eric Whitacre’s work, it will not disappoint you.